Monday, December 15, 2008

Prepare Your Website for the New Year

I recently visited a restaurant for the first time. Before I was even offered a menu, the waiter listed all the specials of the day in such a hurried fashion, I couldn’t understand what he was trying to sell me. In fact, when he saw the confusion on my face, he asked if I understood English! Needless to say, I did not order any of the daily specials.

Some websites developers try to cram such a huge amount of information on their Homepage, it can be confusing for their visitors. I have left many websites due to information overload. A well built website will help visitors focus on a general topic. A customer who is focused on a specific topic is much more likely to make a purchase as opposed to simply browse.

Know your niche, and market your products or service from your customers point of view. Women tend to buy when they can justify what they may initially perceive as frivolous. If you can demonstrate how your product will solve a problem she may be experiencing, she will be more likely to make a purchase. For example, I sell cutting boards. Most women have at least one unattractive cutting board that works just fine and can be hidden away when not in use. However, she may be more likely to purchase a new one if she is informed that new cutting boards are available in over 40 different artwork designs, are constructed of tempered glass which allows them to double as a trivet (protecting her valuable counter top), can be displayed as beautiful counter art when not in use and is currently on sale. She is able to make a purchase that is both attractive and functional, express her own personal style with a variety of choices and save money.

When developing your website, offer a variety of options that will be of interest to your customers and encourage them to click on an option that will place them in a specific category of products. This will allow your visitors to stay focused and not wander aimlessly through your site. Make certain that all links work properly. You wouldn't want to lose customers due to bad links. My customers have the two shopping options, by Category (Ceramics, Beverage Coasters, Kitchen Accessories, etc.) or by Theme (Food/Beverage, Roosters, Horses, etc.) with a series of links which also serve a keywords when I optimize my page for search engines.

Limit your affiliate links to companies that compliment your products or service. Be sparing when using advertising. The point is to keep your customer interested in what you have to offer, not to send them away.

Take some time to re-structure your website to reflect how much you appreciate your customers and make their shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. Here's to a successful New Year!

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