Thursday, January 1, 2009

What's Your Marketing Plan for the New Year

Now that the we've gotten through the holidays, what's on your agenda to make the New Year a successful and profitable year? Have you established a marketing plan? Have you decided on an advertising budget? As the saying goes "If you continue doing the same thing, you will continue to receive the same result". If you are already making all the sales you want to make, you may not want to change anything. However, most of us could use additional income.

I am on a very limited budget. My advertising expenses have to be carefully thought out to ensure a consistent ROI. Optimizing keywords on my website, blog, twitter, social networks and ads should provide a more consistent flow of new visitors to my website. In addition, I would like to make a point of sending out monthly newsletters with special coupons, promotion of new products, recipes and home decorating tips.

Personally, the past year was a year of building new skills. Learning to incorporate social media into my company was my main focus. It was a year of firsts; my first blog, twitter, social networks and newsletters. At times, it was confusing and frustrating, but, well worth the effort. The New Year will be a time to tweak and fine tune my efforts.

How do you plan to develop an effective marketing plan on a limited budget? Take some time to share your ideas and learn from others. I would love to hear what marketing strategy you plan to implement this year. I sincerely wish for you a year filled with good health, happiness and much success!

To your success,

The Kozy Nook

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Brandy said...

I am working on setting up a way to track my earnings & spending as it pertains to business this year better. Last year I was up and down and switched companies - this year I plan to focus and set a plan into action so I can succeed!

The Kozy Nook said...

Hi Brandy,

How will you be keeping your records? On a spreadsheet or with a particular software program? Having several steams of income, record-keeping can be a challenge. I have been using an excel spreadsheet, although, a more formal accounting program may have to be implemented in the near future. Thank you for your comment.

To our mutual success,

My Bizzy World said...

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Thanks so much. And I see Brandy is following you too. She is awesome!